Mavala Cuticle Treatment Kit

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Mavala Cuticle Treatment Kit

Mavala set for cuticle care, for a clean and well-groomed nail contour Are your cuticles dry, hard and giving your nails a neglected look? With these 3 care products your cuticles will be beautiful and supple again - for a perfect manicure! Damaged cuticles make the nails look unkempt and even beautiful hands quickly look neglected! 5 ml cuticle remover from Mavala This creamy cuticle remover gently removes the dead skin of the nail contour with a single application and leaves a clean outline. The basic requirement for a professional manicure! Apply to the cuticle with a brush, leave it on for 1 minute and gently push back with a wooden stick wrapped in cotton wool. The cuticle should never be pushed back with metal instruments as this could damage the nail root. Cuticle remover should not be used on irritated or injured skin. 5 ml cuticle care oil from Mavala This nail oil makes the cuticles soft and supple and gently loosens them from the nails. So it can be easily pushed back behind the crescent to achieve a perfect nail contour. For dry, hard, cracked cuticles. Apply the cuticle oil around the whole nail, massage in and let it soak in, gently push back the cuticle with a wooden stick wrapped in cotton wool.