Sportfx Shape Up Duo Waterproof Eyebrow Pen/Pencil - Blonde

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Sportfx Shape Up Duo Waterproof Eyebrow Pen/Pencil - Blonde

Keep your brow game strong with our duo ended brow pencil. The precision angled pencil ensures natural definition, while the spool end adds shape and structure. The creamy formula includes nourishing Shea Butter and is enriched with Castor Oil to promote hair growth for fuller brows. The self-sharpening pencil helps to effortless shape, shade, fill and the dynamic bristled brush allows you to buff and feather brows with ease! The high endurance and waterproof properties guarantee your brows stay in shape ALL day!

Use the brush to neaten your brows into place, following your natural brow shape. Twist the pencil section out approximately 0.5cm for perfect results. Use the angled end of the pencil to outline eyebrows and the flat side to fill them in. Build up the colour to your desired look.